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My name is Stephanie Rivera and I am a mindful body and breath wellness entrepreneur. My journey into body mindfulness begin almost 14 years ago when my son was diagnosed with epilepsy. Working closely with his neurologist we begin to try different methods to approach his seizures. Ultimately, we found for him, breath or lack of breath was a key component to his condition and quickly began breath work training.

This sparked my belief in the science of the mind and body connection. I began to study mindfulness and movement over the years. Yoga became an important part of my life. After working as a behavioral therapist for many years I eventually dove in deeper and studied to become a yoga instructor and then sometime after a breath coach. I am devoted to sharing my knowledge of how yoga and breathing techniques teach us to actively listen and communicate with ourselves. Your body is always speaking to you, movement and breath work facilitates that communication.

As a yoga instructor and breath coach I strive to hold space for every student to dive deeper, tune in and to ultimately listen and observe themselves. I am passionate about guiding people to find that rhythmic flow of their own breath. I believe breath-work and movement is the cornerstone to wellness. If we take the time to listen and care for the body, the body in return will take care of us.




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