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Breathing is something our body does automatically, without us telling it to do so. Yet, if we learn to mildly manipulate our breathing patterns and ratio, it can have some transformative effects. Your heart rate, digestion and mood can be impacted simply by your breathing patterns. I offer simple, scientific exercises that anyone can use to quickly affect their autonomic nervous system, stress response, mood and energy levels on and off the mat. Breathing becomes a tool for self care.

My name is Shana and I first discovered yoga through a book in my parents home when I was about 10 years old. Oh how easy it was to go straight into lotus pose at that age! My practice since then has by no means been constant, but yoga, breathing and movement have always been a persevering presence and interest in my life. In the past 4/5 years I have been consolidating my knowledge and looked into digging deeper in the undeniably powerful effects and benefits of being able to connect with your breathing, as well as understanding more how your body works and how you can help shape not only your muscles but also you mind and thoughts. That is why I have combined courses that helped educate me from different perspectives, and I would like to help you achieve your personal goals, whether just getting fitter, less stressed, more active or to guide you through your pregnancy or even help you kick a bad habit. All through some guided techniques, exercises and routines that suit your lifestyle and fitness goals. All complemented with some nutrition advice, if interested.

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