Paula Davis
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Paula Davis is a 53-year-old, mother of five and has been walking the health and wellness talk since the home birth of her eldest child back in 1995. She launched Beauty Detangled, L.L.C. offering in-person and online wellness-based tools in May of 2019. In January of 2020, she introduced LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN, a 12-week, head to toe transformation for women. She also created Beauty Detanglers, a free community for women nearing or over 50 embarking on the second half of life who refuse to let a number define how they feel, the way they should look or what the future holds for them. Paula is a certified, AADP holistic health coach; certified yoga trapeze instructor, Yoga Teacher's College; a certified gravity yoga instructor, Yoga Teacher's College; certified Breath Coach, Yoga Teacher's College; certified vibrational training instructor, PowerPlate; and a recognized natural beauty educator. Paula also holds a master's degree in Marketing Communications




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