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Nicole discovered yoga in college as a way to maintain her flexibility for dancing. She took classes at the local recreation center and slowly began to love the feeling of not only more range of motion for her dancing, but also the relaxation effect it started to have on her life. Always being a somewhat hyper and anxious person, she could see how much better she felt after her yoga sessions.

In 2007, while teaching high school Physical Education, Nicole decided to take her first weekend yoga training with YogaFit to learn more about how to bring yoga to her students. After that first training, she was hooked. She knew she had to find a way to incorporate it into her curriculum. So, she began incorporating 4 week yoga units into her physical education dance class. As her yoga training continued, she felt more and more drawn into the yoga system. After having her twins, Nicole suffered from postpartum depression and severe anxiety and attributes yoga therapy for bringing her back into balance after that year long battle. So, in 2015, she developed a semester long yoga curriculum as a senior elective physical education course at her school and the program has grown immensely since then, it has become the most popular physical education elective at the school. Over the last couple of years, Nicole has began studying yoga therapy and continues to pursue her yoga education to better serve her clients.

Nicole’s approach to yoga is focused on functional movement and alignment with a breath-centered practice. She also creates classes that have a balance between strength and flexibility and effort and ease. She uses a combination of the Vinyasa Flow style, stability and mobility work with yoga therapeutics. Expect to find movement, breathing, and sweating in her classes. While working with her privately, she personalizes each program to best meet the needs and goals of her clients along with empowering and educating them to find their own true path to health and well being.




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