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Change Your Breath, Change Your Life | (TEDxBarcelona)
Water, coffee, and whiskey breath. YOGABODY Founder, Lucas Rockwood, walks the audience through
these three unique breathing techniques.

NBA Player Myles Turner and yoga | The Players Tribune
NBA player turned Yoga Trapeze aficionado, Miles Turner, finds an inner peace and physical strength
from yoga that translates well on the basketball court.

TAC Warriors and the Yoga Trapeze | Take Action Warriors
Take Action Warriors push their strength and flexibility to the limits trying the Yoga Trapeze, and they’re all smiles along the way.

Yoga Trapeze on FOX 17 | Morning Mix – Fox 17
A great demo of the Yoga Trapeze on Morning Mix Fox 17 along with other YOGABODY props in this special “self love” segment.

Sara Galliway Success Story | Wake Up Right Now – NBC
One of our very own students from the Yoga Trapeze Training, Sara Galliway, shows off her new studio in
Prosser, Washington on the local news.

The Lucas Rockwood Show

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EPISODE 163: Breathing Secrets of the Ice Man


EPISODE 250: Breathing: a Forgotten Art Rediscovered


EPISODE 170: Breathing Instead of Medicating

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