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I've worked a lot of jobs and had a variety of careers over the years- restaurants, interior design, store display, clerical legal work, personal computers and networks, and tourism. Many of them took a toll on my body and mind. Add gravity and the passage of time and I found Happy Hour cocktails no longer covered the pain I was in.I had to start thinking about my health and wellness.

Every body is different and we each have different experiences that shape our body and mind. No one solution will work for all people. Breathing is the one thing we all must do. It is the foundation of any health and wellness practice. It can simply be the autonomic body function at its base level or it can be utilized to enhance and promote your well being, success, happiness... you name it. I'd love to see where we can get your breath to take you!

I'm available for in person classes in Detroit, MI and Nokomis, FL or online classes anywhere in the world.





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