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Hello, my name is Julie and I’ve been doing Yoga since my early 20’s. It has been my life line during some difficult times and has helped me through some very stressful situations. I once had a period of depression and my yoga got me through this difficult time.

I never really looked deeply into why it was so beneficial to me. However, I realise now after completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, that it was correct breathing that played a major part.

Yoga can help us to breathe more efficiently and can make us focus on how we breathe. It teaches us how to slow it down and to breathe deeper and fuller. There are many health advantages to breathing correctly.

My yoga practice has a very strong focus on breathing, so it was a natural progression for me to decide to look more into this very simple thing that we all do so naturally. Yoga body breathing is a simple, science-based approach that is accessible to everyone. There is no need to do Yoga if that’s not your thing. Anyone can enjoy the benefits from practicing these very safe and simple breathing techniques.




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