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Hi my name is Jennifer. I am based in Seattle, US. I first started yoga 7 years ago, which immediately drew me in. I studied for many years thereafter. Becoming a yoga teacher in 2017 while living in India. I came back to US and started teaching and wanting to learn more. Finding Lucas and his Yoga Body Trapeze, going on to become certified to teach. And now a new endeavor for me, breath coach.
What drew me into yoga and finding everything after was how I felt. I am a runner and that is all I knew. I attended a program in India and learned how yoga affects the body and mind. I also had many allergies due to dust. And realized how breath techniques or pranayama helps even further with my sinus and respiratory issues.
Let me help you in this journey together.
In these times where people are stressed/scared and depressed, let's lift our selves and everyone around us.




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