David Lowenfels
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I first discovered my passion for breathwork while I was working as a computer programmer in San Francisco. After 10 years of leading a team and consulting for startups, I was burnt out, and looking for something more meaningful. I found my way into a 10 day meditation retreat, where we did concentration practice on the breath. My mind became so sharp and focused, it totally blew my mind. The primal life force in my body also began to reawaken, leading me into spontaneous yoga postures, including breath retention.

Since then, my life moved towards a path of service, using my mind and hands to guide people towards their inner healer and full potential. I've personally trained with leading breathwork teachers including Wim Hof, Stan Grof, and Sanna Sanita. I use breathwork frequently in my transformative bodywork client practice. I have also used my engineering skills to develop an HRV biofeedback breathing tool called Pranawave.

I've found breathwork to be a wonderful way to discover the capacities of the body, empower our inner healer, and gently guide ourselves into desired mind-body states. I bring a unique combination of scientific knowledge, technical precision, warmth, and humor to my coaching work.




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