Da-Shanda Burton
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As a yoga teacher, I’ve used breathing exercises to help regulate the stress and rest response,
especially working with the kiddos! I had to be very creative in presenting breath benefits to the
kids, so I became familiar with offering Elephant breath, Bumblebee breath, Bunny breath,
Balloon breath, etc…
I decided to become a Breath Coach to learn the science and mechanics of breathing because
of experiencing how the simple act of taking an intentional breath and its ability to switch your
whole mood and mindset was amazing!! I enjoyed seeing tension and stress melt away to a soft
smile and feeling of lightness as I offered just a simple breathing exercise to others which turned
into being a powerful, valuable and accessible tool that could be used at any point throughout
the day.
So, I invite you to experience the benefits of the breath and join me as I lead you into quality
breathing through daily breath exercises that will enhance and benefit your body, heart and
All the best in wellness!!




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