Courtney Johannesen
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From my first yoga class, I was fascinated by the connection between the body and the mind. I began practicing yoga during a period of personal struggle and darkness. The lessons I learned from yoga, mindfulness, and holistic wellness showed me that I could break away from the pain and begin healing.

Bringing yoga into my life was pivotal. Practicing awakened me to a different way of living and I grew into a better version of myself – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I was driven to learn more about the practices and studies of yoga and enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. I intended to deepen my personal practice, but quickly saw that I had to share the tools of yoga with others and create a career teaching yoga.

My classes and programs focus on managing stress and healing through movement and mindfulness. For me, yoga is about connecting to the strength, balance, and peace within all of us.




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