Corinna Fuchs
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Corinna Fuchs is a certified yoga and pilates teacher, (breath) coach, wellness and biohacking expert and entrepreneur.

Little do we realize the peace and harmony that can be found just within us. For her body work and breath represent the best means to (re)establish that inner connection.

Corinna’s approach is influenced by ancient yoga philosophy, meditation and modern teachings on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Much more important however it is based on her own (life) experiences in the corporate business world being an overachiever, perfectionist and having been very hard on herself that resulted in chronic stress overall (dis)ease. Feeling more ease in our life, raising the energy and being able to dedicate it to the things that really matter is one of her greatest aims. She is passionate about supporting people in our modern society to reaching their full-potential through more self-care and self love. Easy changes in our daily routines and mindset can lead to a life more aware and balanced.

Corinna provides personalised guidance and facilitation in yoga studios and public/corporate events. She loves to work with teams and conducts in-person body work and coaching sessions.




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