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Cleo Whittingham - My very first experience of yoga was watching my Mom practising Yoga postures from the book “Yoga 28-day Exercise Plan” by Richard Hittleman. I loved following along.

Many years later, whilst in my twenties, I was shopping in the supermarket and came across a DVD by Leah Bracknell, “Yoga and You”. I bought it and fell in love with yoga. I practised the same video every single day until I mastered it. Yoga really piqued my interest because it encompasses all aspects of health and wellbeing. Mind Body and Soul. I’ve taken various yoga classes over the years in gyms and studios, I’m not religious even though I was bought up in the church and love the inclusiveness of yoga. Yoga is for everyone.

I’ve taken all sorts of yoga classes. Hot yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and even took a Yoga Therapy course but I was a smoker and didn’t feel that it was a great idea to actually teach yoga whilst being a smoker. I quit smoking in November 2019. I felt I needed a little refresher before embarking on my journey as a teacher, so I studied Gravity Yoga with The Lucas Rockwood Yoga Teachers College and followed that with the Breath Coach training.

For me Yoga is not just exercise, it’s a way of life. Yoga, meditation and breath-work have changed and improved my life on so many levels. I’m excited to spread the word.




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