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As a recovering marathoner, I originally came to yoga for the cross-training benefits, and to see if it would help with my SI joint issues. What I found was so much more than a supplemental practice. The connection between the breath, the body, and the mind found in a vinyasa class helped me find my place and my peace, as my running had to come to an end, ultimately, because of arthritis in my knee.

But, where one door closes, another opens, and in 2018/2019 I completed my yoga teacher training at Blue Nectar Yoga in Falls Church, Virginia, and am lucky enough to be able to teach there part time, sharing my passion for teaching and yoga with others. I love helping students with their journey, especially those first discovering yoga or returning to yoga after an absence. I believe yoga needs to be adapted to your body, and where you are right now. It truly can be for everybody and every body.




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