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I am Beatriz Davila and I am Yoga Instructor and Breath Coach and the founder of Be&live Yoga and the Fully Awakened Woman

I specialise in helping highly anxious, stressed, busy and driven women and men to learn how to relax and control their stress levels through the power of the BREATH so that they can reconnect with themselves, calm their chaos and live more mindful, empowered and balanced lives.

I facilitate Yoga, Breathing and Wellbeing Coaching, workshops, retreats, Women Circles and Cacao Ceremonies around the world, helping women and men to reconnect holistically with their body wisdom and align with the cycles and the elemental wisdom of nature, so that they can prioritise their physical and emotional wellbeing, create time and space for daily self-care and develop a more genuine-loving-nourishing relationship with themselves and everything around them.

I live in Brisbane with my husband and have been practising Yoga for over 16 years teaching a very unique fusion including restorative Yoga, somatic movement and mindful breathing.

I am the creator of “Breathe Yourself Calm” / “Respira Calma”, a 5-week online program which gives you a step by step guide to master the hidden wisdom of your breath, taking control of your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing and learning how to live at ease and calm for the rest of your life with the power of your own breath..

When you become conscious of how the way you breathe impacts the way you live you have the power to transform your life and vitality at will, just by breathing.

Book your Discovery Breathing session with me today and start your journey into Mindful Breathing.

I can’t wait to breathe with you!





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