Andrea Hadek
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Andrea’s corporate career involved many years in high stress environments. She directly experienced and gained valuable knowledge how stress effects quality of life. She experienced how the optimal yoga practice provides powerful tools and supports regaining equilibrium at any age.

As a foundation she earned her RYT200. Later she added and applied practices with the Yoga Trapeze, Gravity Yoga and Breathing techniques learned at Yogabody Teacher Trainings.
- Inversion practice with the Yoga Trapeze enables and enhances spinal traction. Traditional Yoga poses performed on the Yoga Trapeze builds strength and balance
- Gravity Yoga is a targeted mobility training that works deep in the tissues and supports ‘myofacial release’, lengthening muscle and fascia, regaining flexibility
- Yoga Breathing techniques quickly effect the autonomic nervous system, stress response, mood and energy levels

These rigorous and rewarding practices are powerful self-care tools that deliver measurable results of improved strength, balance, flexibility, stress reduction and increased energy levels. You optimize the way you feel and move at all ages.

Andrea has practiced yoga since 2002 and taught intermittently since 2014. Her education includes RYT200 in 2014. Yoga Trapeze Teacher Certificate in 2017, Gravity Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2019, Breath Coach Teacher Certificate in 2019.




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