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ANDREA BAQUERO -After jaw surgery and being diagnosed with chronic back pain -due to bad posture during her career as a pianist- Andrea decided to incorporate a regular yoga and meditation practice into her life. However, it was only in 2017 when after a year-long depression caused by her divorce, that Andrea studied in depth vibroacoustic therapy, meditation, Yin Yoga, Reiki and Breath-work.

Andrea’s approach to teaching, draws from the the academic and non-academic worlds. Her constant curiosity and study create a holistic and practical support to human development.

Andrea believes that “sound and movement are essential to human development because they are a direct path to discovering ourselves and connecting with others. If we practice listening to all the noises in the world, outside of us, we will eventually allow ourselves to focus on all the noises inside our mind, and learn to discern them. We will be able to tune into a world of vibration and choose to selectively listen with love to that which is nurturing.”

When she’s not working on her music, sound therapy or teaching, Andrea likes to spend time collaborating with various animal and plant non-profit organizations, and exploring different cultures, countries, and traditions.




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