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My fitness story began in High School. Instead of throwing me away, seeing my truant tendencies, the school put me in training with the women’s volleyball team. The team coach trained his wife to become a decorated bodybuilding champion, and after seeing her, his every word became gold. Thanks to his pointed direction, I developed functional form lifting weights that would serve me for a lifetime.

While away at college, I utilized this knowledge base in Karate, Pilates, yoga, cycling and mountain biking. With mounting confidence, I set out to learn how to swim laps. With the mere mention of my deficit, a friend who historically coached a swim team, volunteered to teach me. Before I knew it, I was practicing several strokes, including the butterfly, up and down the lanes. While I’ve yet to race, the skill set I’ve developed raises my chin on a daily basis.

The efforts I put toward conditioning supported me well in a career as a field geologist from 1996-2007.

After a head and neck injury, I was unable to do much more than a single load of laundry in a day, and then not even that. I became bedridden for nearly a year, unable to walk on my own, owing to severe vertigo.

Years after undergoing neck surgery, a procedure aimed at helping me regain command of my limbs, I continued to face debilitating limitations. Thanks to a few caring and brilliant health care professionals, in addition to several talented yoga instructors, I began to see marked progress in my recovery.

I built and build upon that foundation by working consistently and within my limitations, for the most part. Nobody’s perfect and without the will to push beyond limits some days, I wouldn’t be where I am. It’s a dance that changes every day. In a nutshell, recovery involves dedicated effort to maintain momentum and restraint to avoid setbacks. I help guide others to decide what that looks like in day to day life, in practice, and long-term programming.

While I miss being outdoors, working as field scientist and team leader, helping others learn to move with their breath, attain alignment and core strength, has become the most rewarding job I can possibly imagine.

I work pointedly, much as my coaches and mentors have taught me, to help people achieve optimal posture and body mechanics, to improve balance and left to right symmetry. With time and consistency, my clients tend to see previously unimaginable improvements in their flexibility, stamina and overall strength.

I specialize in working with clients in recovery from injury, surgery, emotional trauma, treatment and illness. I came through and strive to serve others who are similarly passionate about their own self-care program.




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