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Amanda Vaksdal - I came across yoga breathing while researching methods to help with blood oxygen imbalances and other side effects from chemotherapy for my Mom. Being a new mom myself, who took on a management position at work around the same time, I found the breathing helped me manage my stress levels and sleep struggles as well. I love how effective breathing is for waking up and starting the day energized, focusing during the afternoon grind, and relaxing for a restful night’s sleep; all without too much effort, additional memberships or equipment, and completely natural.

I took my first step into the yoga world was through the 21 Day Hip Challenge offered by Lucas Rockwood and Yogabody Studios. The change I experienced during those 21 days was life changing, I went from not being able to sit on the floor without extreme discomfort, to being on the floor playing with my daughter for 30 minutes. After that I signed up for the full body program and I have not looked back. Yoga breathing has rounded out my practice and given me more focus and determination to continue my transformation.

Yoga breathing is so helpful to our bodies and can have such a big impact on so many different stressors. My coaching will focus on how breathing effects the body, how it can be customized for each client in different situations, and how we can work on finding the right practices together.




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