Amanda Oakes
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Amanda is a certified Breath Coach, Yoga Trapeze Instructor & DōTERRA Wellness Advocate. After 15 years in accounting & Healthcare Administration she was tired and plagued with stress, joint pain, anxiety & depression. Over the next several years she started working to decrease her toxic load, correct & strengthen her spinal alignment & focus on her breathwork. Over time this made a positive impact on her health. She felt the best she had ever felt in her adult life. Her anxiety and depression were more manageable and her running game was more consistent. It eventually became what she is most passionate about.

Amanda believes that no matter who you are, what your age, or your background that feeling your best is attainable. She is drawn to tools that give you the freedom to create a bit of harmony and balance in your life without the use of toxins. Yogic breathing is one of them. Through balanced yoga breathing she has found some peace and is ready to share with you!




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