Alice Hagenbach
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I started doing breath work back in 2009, when I took my first yoga class, in a studio in Paris. Since then, I moved to Strasbourg, became a mother of three girls, and kept practicing throughout the years. In 2015, I finally left my desk job to become a full time yoga teacher.

Now, I teach private yoga classes, at my home, in the YOGA ROOM. My yoga classes are based on proper form and breath work. Every class includes strength flows, flexibility flows and mobility flows. My focus is to bring balance into every practice.

My growing interest in breath work and its effects on mind and body, led me to study Yogabody breathing excersises that can be practiced on and off the mat for energy, balance and relaxation.

My breath work classes will include how to practice simple yoga breathing excercices and why these practices can contribute to bring more balance into your daily life.




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