Alexzandra Strickland
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For Ally, her passion for movement began as a child. Being a young dancer and athlete created an appreciation for wellness and the mind-body connection. Throughout her life, she nurtured an interest in stress/trauma management through awareness and movement. Towards the end of her college career, Ally started her yoga journey. At that time, yoga proved to be an accessible tool for pain management, mind-body connectivity, and self-discovery. While looking for a way to overcome unforeseen health challenges, she began to incorporate breathwork into her practice. After 3 years of introducing herself to the yogic path, she spent 8 months being trained in Classical Hatha yoga at a local ashram. She yearned to deepen her understanding and personal practice. Fueled by her desire to learn more, Alexzandra went on to earn her certification in Kid's Yoga and Breathwork Coaching. Just as yoga, meditation, and breathwork have become a tool for self-discovery, self-awareness, and connection, the goal is to encourage and facilitate these themes in the lives of others. Although her teaching style is focused on self-awareness, Ally brings strength, flexibility, breath, and accessibility to all her classes. Students are encouraged to play, laugh, sweat, and grow on the mat.




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